We turn your Startup into a ScaleUp

Masse uses cutting-edge, AI-human hybrid techniques to build SEO campaigns at scale for startups at Series A and beyond

Problems We Solve

We primarily work with startups at Series A and beyond. Often, they're either starting SEO for the first time or they're a refugee from a 100+ employee agency. Here's what they tell us:

“I want to get SEO moving fast and I don’t have 12 months to wait for results.”

Most clients come to us because they’ve just raised, or they’re about to raise, and they need to make SEO work fast.

They can’t wait 12 months for results, and they don’t want to spend the first 8 months wondering if their SEO is even working.

"I want to be at the cutting-edge of SEO, not trying to win with 2020's tactics."

You don’t want to be Client #32 for a big-name agency which churns out 4 articles for $10k a month and hasn’t updated its SEO strategy this year.

Clients come to us because they want boutique, focused service with SEO techniques that are cutting-edge, not cookie-cutter.

“I want to do SEO, but my company is in a technical niche.”

Clients frequently complain that they can’t find freelancers or agencies who understand their niche.

They’re wasting hours upon hours reviewing and editing articles, explaining terminology and correcting mistakes.

They’re not working with agencies whom have technical co-founders and technical writers on their team.

"I want to do SEO, but I just don't have the time or team"

Micro-managing agencies, implementing that Technical SEO change they asked for and publishing weekly blog posts all takes valuable time you could be spending doing what you do best.

We develop a content strategy that fits you.
We write and publish 30 articles every month in your brand voice

And, We take care of everything in-between, like promoting your content with backlinks and taking care of SEO best practices on your site.

Our Process

We believe most SEO agencies are using techniques from a by-gone era. Advances in AI, changes in Google's algorithm and a more competitive landscape demand a new solution. Here's ours:

1. Content Strategy

The Old Way
  • Chase the highest-traffic keywords

The Masse Way
  • Hyper-targeted, low-competition keywords that drive sales

2. Content Creation

The Old Way
  • Create between 4-6, 2,000 word articles per month with freelance writers

The Masse Way
  • Combine AI and consistent In-House writers to create 20 pieces of 1,500-2,500 word content per month and build "Topical Authority" fast

3. Content Distribution

The Old Way
  • Post on Social Media 2x a week

The Masse Way
  • Build high-quality, consistent backlinks from authoritative sources

4. KPIs

The Old Way
  • Focus on traffic - Monthly visitors as your north star

The Masse Way
  • Measure and report on conversions - Monthly sales as your north star

5. Delivery

The Old Way
  • Your team review, edit and publish content

The Masse Way
  • Use Experts to fact-check, publish direct to your CMS

6. Results

The Old Way
  • Wait 8-12 months to drive revenue from SEO

The Masse Way
  • Hit the front page for high-intent keywords in 3-4 months, then Scale

In just 3 months, they’ve published over 60 pieces of content, 20 of which are already on the front-page of Google and bringing in leads.

Nile, Jack and the Masse team have been terrific in growing StandardBots.com with their unique SEO approach.
Evan Beard
CEO, Standard Bots

Meet our Founders

Our full team are fully-remote, tech-focused and come from startup backgrounds.
Nile Frater
Nile Frater has over a decade of experience in SEO and Programming. His work has driven over $10m in new business for his own websites and client websites. He lives near Barcelona, Spain.
Jack Woodwalker
Jack Woodwalker is a marketing guru and former race-car engineer. His work has been featured in Tom’s Guide, CNET and Wired and many other tech-focused sites. He's based in Toronto, Canada.

Simple Pricing

Series A

Perfect for building an SEO channel from scratch.

No hidden extras, no options. Rolling Monthly Contract, cancel with 30 days notice

20 Pieces of Content each month

End-to-End Management

Technical SEO/Performance Optimisation

Full Site Maintenance

Link-Building (8-10+ per month)

Series B

Perfect for scaling faster with higher content velocity and more backlinks.

No hidden extras, no options. Rolling Monthly Contract, cancel with 30 days notice

20 Pieces of Content each month

End-to-End Management

Technical SEO/Performance Optimisation

Full Site Maintenance

Link-Building (20-24+ per month)

Some questions, some answers

We use a human-AI hybrid approach to create Content at Scale campaigns. Here's some of the questions prospective clients usually ask us:
What's the difference between the pricing plans?

Both of our pricing plans achieve the same results, but our Series B pricing plan gives us the content and backlink ammunition to drive bigger results faster, and rank for the most competitive keywords.

Our Series A plan is what we recommend for most clients, especially those who are only just building their marketing function out.

On the other hand, for our fastest-growing clients - who are most often at Series B or beyond - the additional content and backlinks in our higher-tier pricing plan allows us to scale their SEO channel incredibly fast and drive more leads and more competitive keyword rankings in less time.

How can you create 20 high-quality pieces per month?

Most agencies will either outsource article-writing to freelancers, or to their own pool of writers who cover 5-6 client each.

Our full-time writers come from top agencies like Animalz and are assigned only to you, and one other client. This leaves them plenty of time and opportunity to learn your business and niche inside-out, in turn letting them write quickly and accurately.

Our unique process also incorporates AI. We use AI tools to create drafts, assist our research and quickly perform tasks which only 1 year ago were performed mostly manually, like finding relevant internal links.

Alongside cutting-edge tools, our writers are also supported by an Editor, allowing them to focus purely on writing.

Do you use AI to create your articles?

Of course - If your agency aren’t using AI right now, one way or another you’re going to fall behind. Similarly, if your AI is only using AI, sooner or later a Google update is going to obliterate your not-so hard-earned rankings.

But the truth is, we don’t use AI to create full articles. Instead, we use it as a cure for Writer’s Block.

While your average writer spends the first couple of hours of their day trying to figure out their introduction or where to start, our writers get to be efficient. Ever seen the movie Limitless? It’s a bit like that.

Our AI process allows us our writers to quickly understand a topic and the key points they need to manually research, create an outline for it and then enhance it as they go with industry insights or SEO-focused changes.

This means our writers can sit down on any given day and immediately start producing high-quality content. That’s (most of) the secret ingredient to how we work.

Who will be writing my articles?

You’ll be assigned a dedicated writer who will live, sweat and breathe your niche. While there’s nobility in giving new writers a shot, that’s what in-house is for. Instead, we hire battle-tested writers from competing top agencies.

They’re used to high-volume output, high-quality output and they’ve proven they can consistently write content over months and years. They’ll be assigned to you for the long-term, meaning they learn your business inside-out: your customers, your niche and even your little-known industry terms.

Your writer will also be supported by an editor who will get to learn your CMS, brand voice and formatting style to make sure your content gets published properly every time.

What differentiates you from other agencies?

1. We’re a boutique agency and don’t take on more than 10 clients. This keeps our management and growth costs down, allowing us to squeeze much more content and link-building into our offering while giving you a more personalised service.

2. We deliver more articles at our price-point than anyone else, while keeping and exceeding the same top-level quality you expect of a high-end agency.

3. Our entire playbook focuses on scale - We help you land-grab as much of the search results as possible, for keywords that bring buyers - not just visitors - to your site.

4. Our Founders are technical and have successful backgrounds in tech startups. We’re career entrepreneurs, not career SEOs - So we understand where our work fits into your business and we understand the underlying mechanics of SEO technology.

5. And because of that, we’ve got a much better grasp of what does and doesn’t work with AI tools in 2023 than any other agency at the high-end. We know where to use, and where not to use it.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We typically work with tech startups at Series A or beyond, who already have at least one channel working and bringing in some sales. Our best-fit clients are long-term thinkers, but want to make a fast and aggressive impact on the search rankings.

We occasionally work with seed-stage companies or ecom companies whom have an extremely good fit for SEO or a business model suited to at-scale SEO.

While we work with clients from lots of different niches, owing to our backgrounds we have a particular speciality in no-code and AI, a speciality in working with Webflow sites (with a few not-public-knowledge performance optimisation tricks up our sleeves) and in working with Finance companies.

How long will it take to get results?

Like any experienced SEO agencies, we don’t guarantee what we can’t control - Particular positions on Google’s search results.

With that said, we also reject the notion that SEO needs to take 8-12 months to show progress. We shortcut the waiting game with what we can control: our extremely-frequent, consistent content publishing, aggressive link-building tactics and holistic approach to SEO (IE we use every advantage we can get, from technical SEO to Schema).

While we don’t contractually enforce it, we ask clients to work with us for 3-4 months before they begin to see results.

How much does it cost?

We charge $10,000 per month. This includes all strategy creation, content writing, content editing, tool subscription costs, link-building costs, web development/maintenance costs and anything else that comes up. Even the kitchen sink is included.

Our contracts are month-to-month - You can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice. There are no hidden fees, no extras and no gotchas.

We offer a 15% discount for clients who wish to make a yearly commitment.

What is a Content at Scale campaign?

While other agencies are focused on slow and steady growth at one article per month, our “Content at Scale” SEO campaigns are focused on turning your startup into a bona fide media company with a daily publishing cadence, proper content promotion via backlinks and a sales-focused keyword strategy.

Our experience is that the more articles you have, the more datapoints you have - making at easy to identify and optimise for what’s working.

Once we figure that out for your particular business and niche, its then easy for us to scale it hard and outdo your slow-publishing competition.

In other words, We want you to have 240 articles by this time next year, not just 48 like some kind of pre-seed indie startup doing guerrilla marketing.

Let us bring you leads via SEO so you can focus on what you’re best at.

30-Day Contract
Managed end-to-end for you
No Hidden Fees