Masse x AllThingsAI

Reaching 140,000 monthly visitors in just 9 months

Learn how AllThingsAI, an advertising company at the forefront of artificial intelligence, worked with Masse to build a scaled content campaign that generates pipeline and converts leads.
Rankings in Top 3
Monthly Visitors
in SEO-driven revenue


AllThingsAI worked with Masse to create a product review Content at Scale campaign in the Artificial Intelligence niche.

We created over 180 product reviews in 9 months, driving over 140,000 monthly visitors and adding $300,000+ in native advertising revenue to their bottom-line.


  • Over 140,000 monthly visitors in 9 months with over 180 pieces of content
  • Ranking in the top 3 positions for over 70 keywords
  • Page 1 for over 100 different keywords

What is AllThingsAI?

AllThingsAI (”ATAI”) is a discovery platform helping digital workers find the best AI-powered tools for their needs. The site lists close to 1,000 different AI tools, as well as guides on using ChatGPT plugins or applying AI tools to particular fields, like accountancy or law.

Launching only a couple of months after the release of ChatGPT, AllThingsAI has grown hugely in a short space of time. Today, the site boasts a multimedia strategy which spans both written reviews and short and long form video content. The business monetises its traffic via ad sales, promoted content and sales of an educational course.

The Problem

With AI all the rage at the beginning of 2023, AllThingsAI found itself facing seemingly-endless competition. Channels like social media, newsletters and YouTube were quickly becoming saturated - or dominated by influencers and companies with an existing audience.

AllThingsAI realised that SEO might be the best way to differentiate. They needed a strategy that could spool up quickly and deliver content en masse to quickly establish themselves as the largest AI site on Google’s SERPs and drive high-intent visitors to their advertising partners.

With our experience growing very similar sites, Masse was the obvious choice for AllThingsAI.

The Approach

  • We figured out that lots of searchers were looking for specific AI tools they had heard the name of on sites like TikTok or YouTube - But they had no way of verifying the tools were legit, or that they were the best tool for the job. There was an obvious opportunity to address these needs and unlock huge volumes of traffic.
  • Masse helped AllThingsAI build out over 180 product review pages. We built the pages from scratch, implementing SEO best-practices like unique, original screenshots, author schema, EEAT factors on the reviewing approach and even optimised the site’s performance to make it perform better than competitors in the SERPs.
  • To boost AllThingsAI’s freshly-baked content to the top of the SERPs, we built over 600 backlinks on sites like CNET, and Writesonic. Not only did these bring direct traffic, they signalled to Google that AllThingsAI’s content deserved to rank in the top 3 positions on Google.

The Result

In just a few short months, AllThingsAI has become an authority in its space, frequently ranking in the Top 3 positions on Google for over 70 different AI tools and queries

  • Over 140,000 AI enthusiasts now visit AllThingsAI’s tool reviews every month. The traffic continues to grow each week and delivers high-intent buyers for AllThingsAI’s advertising customers.
  • AllThingsAI now holds top 3 positions for over 70 different keywords - Often for heavy-competition brand terms where AllThingsAI is either outranking the brand entirely, or is the 2nd result straight after - perfect for their ad-based business model.
  • Starting from $0 at the beginning of 2023, AllThingsAI’s revenue now tops $300,000. The team easily monetised their valuable SEO-driven audience and capitalised high rankings into prime advertising positions.