Masse x NoCode.Tech

Using Content at Scale to claim the top spots for over 100 different keywords

Learn how NoCode.Tech, an educational startup in the no-code space, worked with Masse to build a scaled content campaign that generates pipeline and converts leads.
For "No-Code" on Google
Monthly Visitors
Keywords in Positions 1-3


We helped NoCode.Tech create over 300 pieces of high-quality content, rank #1 for “no code” and bring in over 30,000 new visitors per month.

In the process, we managed to make No-Code the authority in its niche and generate over $600,000/year in sales for its partner businesses.


  • Ranking #1 for “No Code”, “best no code website builder”, “no code app”, “best web app builder” and other significant keywords
  • Ranking in the top 3 positions for over 260 keywords
  • Over 40,000 new visitors each month

What is NoCode.Tech?

NoCode.Tech  (”NCDT”) is the home of No-Code, providing a tools directory, education course, articles and more - all aimed at helping non-technical founders learn to build without coding.

The site was launched in 2016 and later acquired by the A16Z-backed Stacker in 2022. NoCode.Tech continues to own the search results for hundreds of No-Code related terms. Before its acquisition, NoCode.Tech primarily monetised it’s business by selling partnership advertising on it’s tools directory to popular tools in the space like Adalo and Bubble, and by selling educational course subscriptions.

The Problem

As the No-Code scene took off, NCDT found itself in an unenviable position - competing for eyeballs with a multitude of companies whom had raised very large warchests, like Webflow, Bubble and Makerpad. While these weren’t all direct competitors to NCDT, they were fighting for the same users to come and visit

NoCode.Tech needed a way to get noticed on Google without massive spend and fast - They couldn’t wait for traditional SEO agencies to churn out 4 articles a month, they couldn’t spend on ads, nor could they put dedicated staff on social media or other channels. NoCode.Tech survived on partnership revenue, so it needed high-intent users and fast.

The Approach

  • Masse’s research uncovered that tons of potential NCDT users wanted to find tools with queries like “best no-code mobile app builder”.
  • Masse worked with NCDT to build out a “Tool Directory”, comprising of over 250 pages of content and supported by over 60 blog articles. This helped the website rank not just for terms related to the individual tools, but overall categories like “App Builders” and “Payments”. The “hub” page - - even ranked #1 until the homepage overtook it.
  • NoCode.Tech focused on optimising its website and using schema markup. Google ranks pages partially based on their PageSpeed Scores - NCDT used Masse’s techniques to improve scores more than 30+ over its nearest competitors and edge them out of the top positions.

The Result

NoCode.Tech successfully deployed hundreds of unique, high-quality pages of content. The website now enjoys over 1000 daily visitors, has built a true authority in it’s domain and has driven over $600,000 of ARR to its partner businesses, thanks to high-intent buyers driven to its programmatic SEO pages.

  • Over 30,000 new visitors each month and growing (NCDT’s traffic has grown by 33% in the last 3 months!)
  • NoCode.Tech ranks #1 for no-code (and No Code and NoCode) on Google, as well as ranking in the top 3 positions for over 260 keywords, and on the 1st page results for over 500 different keywords
  • Google recognises NCDT’s “Expert Status” - NCDT sees content and pages related to “no-code” rank on page 1 within 2-4 weeks of publishing (E.E.A.T Principles)