Masse x Standard Bots

Over 20 Page 1 Rankings in 3 Months

Learn how Standard Bots, the rapidly growing NYC-based Robot manufacturer, worked with Masse to build a scaled content campaign that generates pipeline and converts leads.
Articles on Page 1 of Google
Traffic Increase
Backlinks Built


Standard Bots worked with Masse to launch a high-scale content campaign.

After publishing 90 pieces of content and building 200+ backlinks in just 3 months, they landed over 20 front-page articles on Google, increased traffic by 300% and brought in organic SEO leads for the first time.


  • Ranking on the first page of google for 25 different sales-driving terms , like “cost of robots”, “polishing robots” and “spot welding robots”
  • Increased traffic by 300%
  • Over 200 backlinks built, with an average DR of 66
"In just 3 months, they’ve published over 60 pieces of content, 10 of which are already on the front-page of Google and bringing in leads."

Evan Beard, CEO Standard Bots

Who are Standard Bots?

Standard Bots are a cutting-edge robotics startup based out of New York. Their flagship robot, RO1 and can move heavier weights faster than its competitors, at a significantly lower price, despite being equipped with more advanced sensors and software. In other words? A salesman’s dream.

The company sells to manufacturing businesses large-and-small, with its customer-base primarily based in the US. When we started working with them, the company had raised over $28m in funding and were looking to expand their reach, fast.

The Problem

Standard Bots came to us with a clear brief: Use newly-available AI techniques to quickly grab as many keywords as possible in the low-competition, high-value Robotics space.

Sounds straight-forward, but there was a catch - Standard Bots had only just launched their website a month prior: there was no existing content, no domain authority, no backlink profile and nothing to show Google that this site was worth paying attention to or rewarding with its top results.

Beyond that, Robotics wasn’t an easy niche to write about either - It required technical knowledge, expert insight and a writing team who could cope not only with writing about complicated robotics topics, but also about relevant use-cases like Welding or Palletization.

The Approach

  • Despite the technical difficulty of writing about Robotics and tricky, related topics like Welding, we created a hybrid team of human writers, external subject matter experts and AI tools to create 30 articles each month. Our process allowed us to make these super high-quality, complete with internal linkings, SurferSEO optimisation and unique images.
  • We wanted to make sure the site could sell, not just bring in visitors. We built out dedicated landing pages for each use-case that Standard Bots can fulfil, built relevant topic clusters of overviews, buyer’s guides and how-tos for each use-case, then linked to them from every article we wrote.
  • Standard Bots’ domain was young and untrusted, meaning even the best content in the world would take months to rank. We shortcut this by building over 200 backlinks to their site, with an average DR of 66, a key result in letting our content hit the front page consistently.

They managed everything end-to-end, taking care of everything from strategy to backlinks to publishing. We’re in a technical niche, yet they’ve managed to consistently research and create factual, useful content for our audience.

The Results So Far deployed over 90 pieces of unique, high-quality content in just 3 months, resulting in over 25 articles ranking on page 1 of Google, bringing in weekly, highly-motivated leads. While their SEO journey is just beginning, Standard Bots are already making a mark on the Robotics landscape.

  • A 275% increase in traffic in 3 months and growing (Standard Bots currently adds at least 3 new articles to the front page of Google each week)
  • Standard Bots ranks on the front page of Google for high-intent, transactional keywords which drive buyers, like “spot welding robots”, “robot cnc router” and “polishing robot”
  • Standard Bots is poised for the future, with a backlink profile of over 350 and growing over 10% per month. Having just performed very well out of Google’s September 2023 Helpful Content, the company is on track to 10x its traffic and sales over the coming months